August 2013

This month from Screenplay Productions we have in store two brand new shows for our viewers! One show is a hysterical comedy about twins separated at birth, the other a love story that takes place in a hospital.

Airing first on August 26, 2013, Monday, "Si Cemong" (That Cemong) is a brand new comedy series from Screenplay Productions. This series includes stars such as Zsa Zsa, Umay, Indra Birowo, Tike Priyatna, Nuri Maulida, Arzeti Bilbina, Fhany Ghasani, Lionil Hendrik, Opi Kumis, Mpok Nori, and many more that make this series original, exciting, and hilarious to watch! The series will run everyday at 18.15 WIB exclusively on SCTV. The series tells the story over an energetic, poverty struck child named Cemong, she is known very well around her village, and is very smart and kind hearted. But fate begins to change for Cemong when she meets her twin sister who was separated from her at birth, and the two decide to switch places.

Also coming soon this September is a new romantic, and melodramatic series titled "Mutiara Dari Surga" (Pearl From Heaven). A star filled cast including television darling Asmirandah, the handsome Jonas, Love In Paris Fero Walandouw, and Yunita Siregar, this is definitely a must watch!

The story revolves around Mutiara, a hopeful beautiful young girl who takes joy in helping others by being a nurse in Jakarta International Hospital. Little does she know that she is about to get into a bit of a love triangle when she faces the predicament of having to choose between a handsome doctor, and the doctors cute rebellious younger brother?

Aside from exciting news shows that will be airing soon, Screenplay Productions is also re-launching their website! Check out the new features, shows, and stimulating new design!

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